Refund and Charges Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Description Deduction on Total / Charges applicable
Cancellation made
≥ 24hrs before booking start.

Cancellation made
≤ 24hrs of booking start.

Cancellation made
≤ 4 Hr

Cancellation made after booking start.

If Booking Is canceled from our end.

Note** (Cancellation refund will be done through the original payment method within 7- 10 working days)
₹ 150 or 10%
(whichever is greater)

₹ 300 or 25%
(whichever is greater)

50 %


Modifications made
≥ 24hrs before booking start.

Modifications made ≤ 24hrs of booking start:
₹ 200

Extending Time Slot
The extended period after start will be charged additionally over hourly charges.
₹ 50/Hr
Shortening Time Slot
No Refunds are applicable.
No charges
Returning not on Time in Case of Alpha, Beta, UL
Returning vehicle not on time would be charged in addition to the hourly fees of the given vehicle in case of Alpha, Beta, UL.

Note** ( Late return till 1 hours no additional charges)
₹ 300/Hr
Hourly rental applicable in Alpha, Beta.
In UL ₹ 600/24 Hr
Number of Days.
No Pickup
Booking will cancelled after 2 hour if customers doesn’t show up.
No refunds would be made.
Over speeding
Over speeding of car
≥ 100 km/hr.
₹ 2000 + Damage cost

Note** Government penalties are additional.
Rules violation
Charges of fines to be paid by Customer.
Depends on penalty.
Accessories Not Returned
Seat cover
All the charges will be applicable according to workshop Rates
Damage to Vehicle
If any damage caused to the vehicle externally during booking period.
All the charges will be applicable according to workshop Rates.
  • If a person found to be alcoholic while picking (or) doorstep delivery booking will be placed as cancelled and no refund shall be made in any case.
  • Lost (or) stolen of any accessories charges will be payable at the time of return.
  • In case of any Fraud or Documents error No refunds will be made in any Conditions.
  • Accidental (or) Damage caused to car will have to pay 8000,10000,13000 for Hatchback, Sedan, Suv Respectively.(Insurance will bear the rest)
  • Refundable amount will only be transferred to the user’s account. Refund will be made within 4-7 Working Days.
  • In case user has paid cash at cash point Refund will be made to his Account only.
    : Note: Areas where client is 100% responsible for damages on the car:
  • a) Driving in excess of speed limits.
  • b) Single vehicle incidents or rollover, this happen due to over speeding so a client is advised to drive at advised speed limit- 50Km/hr. Towns and 60 km/hr. high ways.
  • c) Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, willful or reckless driving.
  • d) Damage to the vehicle is caused by lack of proper care as clause 4.
  • e) Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • f) Driving on restricted roads / areas like off- tracking in Rwanda National Park.
  • g) Use of fuel from restricted petrol stations, clients are supposed to take fuel from only Total and Shell petrol stations.
  • h) During weather conditions like rainy season the client has to take care when driving in muddy areas.
  • i) Underbody coverage, damage to the underbody of the vehicle is considered a result of careless driving.