Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

The driver of the vehicle shall be considered as the user and all transactions will be Done between the user and Mdrive.


The user must be above the age of 18 years.

Documents Required

1. The user must have a valid driving license issued by the Government of India.
2. The user must scan his/her license and upload it on our website.
3. The user must verify his/her identity with a valid ID proof while taking the delivery of vehicle.
4. Documents issued by the government of India such as Voter ID, Driver’s license, PAN card etc. will be considered as valid ID proof only.
5. If a user is unable to verify his/her identity, the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be made.

Security Deposit

Mdrive Charges a security amount of 3000-5000 depending upon the vehicle. After the completion on Trip Mdrive will Transfer the security deposit to the Bank within 1-3 working days. In case you have opted for Non Refundable deposit (Security deposit waiver) no refund will be made in any case.

Return of Possession

The user must return the vehicle at the pickup point Where he got the Delivery of the vehicle.

Rental Period

1. The Rental Period will be calculated from the time the user takes possession of the keys till they are returned to Mdrive representative at the pickup Point.
2. Charges will apply on the time period for which the vehicle has been booked by the user as per rates given on the website.


Cars are available for both 'With Fuel' and 'Without Fuel' packages.
'With Fuel' Mdrive provides “Alpha” and “Beta” Packages.
1. In “Alpha” User get 5 km Free per Hour.
2. In “Beta” User get 15 km Free per Hour.
3. Mdrive rental charges are inclusive of the fuel cost.
4. When booking is done for ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’. Mdrive will reimburse fuel expenses (if any). The user must produce a printed receipt with his/her name mentioned on it at the time on end ride. Mdrive will not entertain any bills produced later via any means. Hand written receipts and receipts without the user’s name will not be accepted.
5. Receipts must be submitted by the user at the time of return of the Vehicle. Late submission of receipts will not be entertained.
'Without Fuel '(valid for a minimum ride duration of 24 hours)-
6. Fuel cost to be borne by the user.
7. User will have to handover the vehicle with the same amount of fuel which was provided at the time of pickup.
A penalty of Rs 200 will be levied if the customer fails to do the same.

Cleanliness and Damage

Mdrive does not permit the user to take on board objectionable items such as weapons or any sharp object which may spoil or cause damage to the upholstery or the exterior of the vehicle. An additional surcharge of 20% will be levied on the cost of repair or cleaning the vehicle.