terms and conditions

Terms and Condition


1. All the transaction will be between User and Mdrive who so ever has booked the car. The following rental agreement will be between user and Mdrive solely. Mdrive governs the user to use its online services like website and car rental service or Whatsapp Support (+91-7898776542).
2. Mdrive reserves all rights to change/modify/delete any terms and condition without giving any prior notice to the user. Mdrive may or may not send an email of give a flash on website if there are any changes in terms and condition.
3. Mdrive prescribes user to read all the terms and condition before making the final booking on website. If the booking is confirmed and payment is made via website of cash point Mdrive confirms that user has read terms and condition and agree with the agreement. In case Mdrive finds and violate or faulty documents of user Mdrive revoke his membership and no refund is made in such case and serious action can be taken on user.
4. User has to go through the Fee policy before booking a car, if user disobeys the rules of Mdrive fee policy user is liable to pay particular fines of Violation. All Fines will be calculated at the end of trip. All liable fines need to be paid on spot and can be paid by Online/cash/mobile wallets.     


1. It is compulsory for every user to register himself / herself on our website or Manual Booking can be Made Via Whatsapp Support (Team) All data provided by user need to be updated at the time of registration or can change it afterwards on our website. The user must fulfill the criteria to book a car. The user must be minimum of 18 years of age and should have a government validated driving license issued by the Regional Transport Office of his City. Mdrive retains the right to refuse the membership of an applicant even if he satisfies the criteria.
2. users are intimated before that the vehicle book by the user should only be driven by registered user of Mdrive. In case the user is not registered with Mdrive he or she will not be allowed to drive the vehicle. On a special request the user can register and submit his document to Mdrive and will be authorized to drive after the verification of documents.
3. Mdrive intimates the user that same driving license cannot be used in multiple accounts if found Mdrive reserves the right to cancel the membership of user.


1. At the time of booking the user is requested to upload his driving license issued by the government of India on our website. At the time of pick up original license should be shown. A valid ID proof authorized by government of India like Aadhar Card, passport, voter ID etc. has to be submitted at the time of pickup. ID card will be refunded at the end of trip.
2. verification of driving license and proof of Identity will be done at the booking time and if user fails the criteria the booking will be considered void.


1. Cars provided by Mdrive can only be used for personal use. The vehicle cannot be rented. Mdrive vehicles cannot be used in events, concerts, exhibitions or race. No vehicles of Mdrive to be used for towing, pushing of any objects or vehicles.
2. Mdrive vehicles cannot be used by the person under the influence of alcohol, Drugged, medicinally influenced or inability to to drive. If the user is found under any influence of above the booking will be cancelled / reimbursed and the users account will be discarded/ blocked from Mdrive. In case of consumption of alcohol on Mdrive vehicle the user will be liable to pay third party damages, self damages, penalties imposed by government officers / police.
3. Mdrive vehicles subjects according to law of India. Vehicle cannot be taken to the prohibited areas declared by Central / state government. Seating capacity of vehicle will be displayed on website user must ensure that vehicle does not exceed the capacity.


1. All bookings to be made by a website and always in advance of pick up time. Mdrive does not gives any guarantee of availability of vehicles.
2. All the expenses from user and like parking, toll tax, fine, challan etc. To be borne by user.
3. Mdrive provides you fuel cost if it is borne by you in certain conditions only.
4. Only fuel cost will be given in ALPHA and BETA packages.
5. The user must produce Bill of fueling with vehicle Number imposed on it. Mdrive can verify with the fuel station if required.
6. Hand written Bills will not be accepted in any case, you should provide printed bill with fuel station name and address.
7. If person exceeds the given KM, then user has to pay charges of excess KM.
8. Mdrive will not provide fuel cost in UNLIMITED packages. It only borne 24Hr Rates.
9. The user can collect car from Mdrive hub after completing of paperwork. It is user responsibility to inspect vehicle carefully for any damages or malfunction in vehicle and report to Mdrive will try representative immediately.
10. user is responsible to return the vehicle in same condition at the pickup point of Mdrive on time. In case of any interiors/ exterior damage charges will be calculated accordingly at Mdrive hub. Cleanliness of vehicle should be maintained as it was at the time of giving if found messed charges will be implanted.
11. Mdrive prescribe the user to take photograph of car at the time of pick up.
12. Mdrive will calculate the timing when keys are given to the user and when keys are returned to Mdrive. If user fails to return keys to Mdrive charges/late fees will be imposed accordingly.
13. The user must return the vehicle from the pickup spot. If vehicle is delivered to doorstep then representative will pick it up from door step only.
14. In case user picks vehicle from Mdrive hub then users give 2 hours of additional time after drop time. Normal hourly charges will be applicable.
15. In case of Door step delivery no extra time to return the vehicle will be given.
16. If person doesn’t deliver the vehicle on time penalty charges will be implanted.
17. The security of vehicle belongs to the user. User has to make sure that the vehicle is parked inappropriate area/parking. In case of vehicle theft user has to report immediately to the nearest police station and file a complaint.User will be responsible for for the loss of vehicle and will be liable to answer authorities, legality.


1. Mdrive priority is safety, we insure that our vehicle are examined time to time to meet the safety requirement.
2. To insure the safety of user please insure the following things:
Wear seat belt while driving.
Make sure seating capacity doesnt’t exceed the seating capacity.
3. Mdrive will not be responsible for any kind of accident happen due to user negligence. In case of accident FIR/NOC will be required from the user end. Original driving license will be kept with us to claim insurance.
4. All the vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation. If user tries or attempts to remove / reassemble the GPS device serious actions will be taken against him. Penalty charges will be imposed and will be considered as attempt to theft.


1. in the case of vehicle breakdown/failure user should report to Mdrive immediately. A replacement vehicle will be provided to the user subject to availability.
2. If the vehicle Failure is because of member’s mistake no vehicle will be provided from our end and the expenses of towing / repairing and other cost has to be paid by customer.
3. For any issues regarding the vehicle mechanical or electrical issues we are used to bring in attention to Mdrive. This type of issues should be bring in notice within 20 kilometers of the ride Start Point.
4. In case of Breakdown/Damages Caused to Engine/Interior/Exterior of the Vehicle due to User negligence or Unknowgly During his/her Booking Period. User is Liable to Pay all the Damage/Recoverable charges as per the Workshop. Non Payment would be Liable for legal proceedings.